The DVLA Release the Latest Crazy Excuses for not Taxing Vehicles

DVLA Crazy Excuses - Speedyreg
DVLA Crazy Excuses – Speedyreg

Most of us leave ridiculous excuses back in childhood when we work out that ‘the dog ate my homework’ just doesn’t work and no one believes ‘the chocolate biscuit fell out of the cupboard into my mouth’, But, there are plenty of people out there who still feel they need to make an excuse, no matter how silly, when they haven’t taxed their vehicles. Of course taxing your car is a legal requirement, yet some people will still try to avoid it. The DVLA have released some of the more ‘interesting’ reasons people have given for not taxing their vehicles. As you may gather, none of them were in any way valid!

  • I’m about to start a prison sentence, so is there any way you could hang on to my ice cream van for six months ‘til I get out?
  • I would’ve taxed my van but my bitter ex put four live chickens in it
  • I know it was untaxed, but I didn’t think you’d clamp cars in a heatwave
  • I forgot to tax it as I was looking after the kids (aged 19 and 26)
  • I couldn’t tax my car as I’ve had man flu and have been stuck in bed for 4 weeks
  • I would’ve taxed the car, but you clamped it so early in the morning (the car was clamped at lunchtime)

Taxing your car is so easy these days, it can all be done very quickly and simply online so there’s no excuse that’s going to wash with the DVLA, but for fun, we’ve been round the Speedy Reg offices and asked everyone to come up with some more crazy excuses and here’s what we came up with…

  • I asked the wife to get car tax, she’s a bit deaf and got carpet tacks instead
  • I didn’t think you needed car tax now we’re not in the EU
  • The shops had sold out of 2020 calendars so I didn’t know what date it was
  •  I wanted to ring up and sort this out but I became a monk and make a vow of silence
  • My wife found out I was having an affair and burned all my paperwork
  • The voices in my head told me not to do it

So you can have your excuses at the ready, but they’re not going to work. It’s an offense to not tax your vehicle, so be sure to get it sorted when it’s due!

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