Get your Game On for Sport Relief 2020

Sport Relief 2020 - Speedyreg
Sport Relief 2020 – Speedyreg

With your colleagues, your classmates, your friends, family or on your own, there’s plenty you can do to help raise money for Sport Relief 2020. The cash you raise will go to help fight inequality, to create a better world without poverty. Since 2018, 13 million people around the world, and the UK have been helped thanks to all the efforts made for Sport Relief. This year, the event runs from March 9th to March 13th and it’s a great way to do some good while having a whole lot of fun at the same time!

Get your kit on at work

Spread the work at your workplace and have everyone donate £2 to wear sports gear to work on Friday March 13th. You can take this as far as you like, from a pair of sweatbands, to a full on scuba diving outfit. Please no mankinis though.

Take on a new challenge

Lots of celebrities will be taking on challenges for Sport Relief, so why not set your own challenge with a sponsored cycle, swim or walk? Don’t want to go it alone? Then why not join in one of the many group challenges that are happening all over the country. From a fun run to a full on marathon, there’s an event for everyone. If you’re near Manchester, the Beat Beethoven challenge is set to be a big one. With the BBC Philharmonic orchestra playing Beethhoven’s Fifth Symphony, runners take on the 5K to the beat of the music.

You don’t need to be super sporty

If you’re not a sports fanatic, then don’t worry, you won’t be left out. You can raise funds by playing video games instead! Why not hold a retro games night and charge admission from your gaming friends, or have a sponsored game playing marathon?

Support a Celebrity Challenge

You could always make a donation in support of one the celebs getting involved in Sport Relief this year. Jo Wiley and the Radio 2 team will be attempting to take on 3 triathlons in 3 cities in 3 days. Or you could learn the dance routine created by AJ from Strictly Come Dancing and Curtis from Dancing With The Stars. Record your efforts, be they amazing or amusing, and share them online with the hashtag #danceforsportrelief.

Good luck everyone

Whatever you do for Sport Relief, we wish you the very best of luck, let us know and do tag us on social media so we can help cheer you on!