Celebrate the Best of the US – it’s Super Bowl Time!

Speedyreg - Super Bowl
Speedyreg – Super Bowl

It’s time to crack open a Bud Light and make yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Super Bowl 54 is here. Like Mickey Mouse, Coca Cola and John Wayne, the Super Bowl is iconic America at its best and so we’re all going to join in with our cousins ‘over the pond’ and tune in to Super Bowl 2020.

If you’re lucky enough, you might be jetting off to watch the Super Bowl live, at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, home stadium of the Miami Dolphins. Sunshine, the Super Bowl, and all the great theme parks on your doorstep, it sounds like a great trip, but if like us you’ve got to stay at home then don’t worry, you can still get into the spirit of things and watch the biggest game in America on the BBC. One in three Americans watch the Super Bowl, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the UK too.

This year sees the Kansas City Chiefs in their first Super Bowl since 1970, up against the San Francisco 49ers.  Two teams that have never competed in the Super Bowl together. While the Chiefs haven’t been in the Super Bowl for five decades, the 49ers have competed 6 times previously and won 5 of those games. However, the last time they played was back in 2012 and they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.

With the time difference, it’s a late start for UK viewers, with kick off at 11:30pm UK time (6:30pm local time). It’s going to be broadcast live on BBC One, the show starts at 11:25pm and is hosted by Mark Chapman, Jason Bell and Osi Umenyiora. If you have Sky Sports you can watch from 10:00pm.

The famous half-time show is always breath-takingly spectacular and this year features performances from Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. 

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