How did DVLA number plates come about?



The DVLA was set up in 1965 as a centralised government authority to deal with the registration of vehicles, as the previous system was becoming too time consuming. Before the DVLA, the registration of vehicles was dealt with by local councils. This caused problems, both with the volume of registrations they had to deal with as car ownership increased and also the fact that when someone moved from one area to another, they also had to transfer their registration. The same problem would arise when the car was sold to someone outside the area.

Setting up a new system was a good solution. It took the strain off the local councils and being centralised it made registrations easier to manage.

There are millions of DVLA registration combinations, so looking for a personalised plate is easy as you can always find something that’s suitable for you. Whether you’re a collector, an investor or simply love personalised plates, you won’t have a problem picking out a DVLA number plate, although you will perhaps be spoilt for choice!


Photo Credit: Graham Horn [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons