Cheap Number Plates

When you`re searching for a cherished number plate costs can be an issue at times with some items fetching many thousands of pounds.  Even buying new plates direct from the DVLA isn`t always the best option so where should you look for the best possible prices?

The market for personalised number plates has grown steadily over the years and that has seen a number of online brokers emerge looking for your business. A simple internet search will now bring a wide choice of outlets that are looking to sell these plates and as you would expect, each of them claim to be the cheapest around.

It is certainly true that you may get a bargain by searching through these lists but it`s advisable to check as many as you possibly can before making a decision.

One of the features of the traditional classified press was a section devoted to the sale of personalised plates. It`s important when you`re looking for any sort of purchase not to ignore these publications and a quick check in periodicals such as Exchange and Mart or Daltons Weekly should also give you a number of options.

Online classified sites are, of course, another good option and a thorough search of the most popular ones will provide you with some choices.

Moving on to auction sites, it`s certainly worth performing a search for cherished and personalised number plates on the usual online sites. However, it`s always worthwhile looking away from the main ones as you may well find a bargain elsewhere. There are literally hundreds of online auction sites so if you have the time to search, the smaller ones may offer the most competitive prices.

Some buyers are put off by the DVLA`s prices for their new number plates and this is where your initials appear on a standard 2010 or 2011 plate. They are not particularly distinctive and with prices from around several hundred pounds, they can be cost prohibitive too.

However, the DVLA sell other plates directly too and depending on the combination of letters and numbers, prices can be more favourable in many cases. Some sell for as little as £300. The DVLA also hold regular auctions where plates fetch a very wide range of prices so check on their website for the latest dates and find out which are available. If you see something you like, online bidding is possible if you aren`t able to attend in person.

It`s impossible to pin down individual prices on number plates as the cost involved depends on a number of factors. Firstly, as we`ve seen, prices vary greatly depending on the outlet you use while some combinations of letters and numbers will cost you more than others. For example, A1 ABC would be far more expensive than A483 ABC.

Ultimately, cherished number plates can cost as little or as much as you`re willing to pay: If you want something fairly standard, it will cost you a few hundred pounds while you would need to check a loans calculator  if you`re prepared to pay the many thousands of pounds that some of the more distinctive plates can fetch.