Fast reliable transfers available at Speedy Reg


Did you know that all registrations are now available on retention no matter how inexpensive? For example if you have seen a very cheap registration such as one of our £40.00 numbers but you don’t have a vehicle to transfer the registration to at the moment or if you want to hold the number for a few weeks the registration can be held on retention.

It won’t cost you any more to retain a registration, previously it would have cost £105, however this has now been reduced to £80.00, which is the same price as a regular vehicle to vehicle transfer.  This is particularly good news if you live in Northern Ireland as the system was not available in the past. Previously if you wanted to retain a registration in Northern Ireland you would have had to use a Donor Vehicle in GB (which dealers charge for) and pay two DVLA transfer fees. Since the system merged last July, Northern Ireland customers no longer need to use a Donor vehicle as a registration can now be retained straight from the Northern Irish vehicle.

The fastest method of transfer is to assign a registration from certificate to a vehicle using the DVLA online system. A transfer can still be completed online if the registration is on a vehicle. If you buy a cheap registration from our website and you have a vehicle registered in your name which is taxed and MOT’d it may be possible to complete the transfer of your new number online. When you have paid in full for the registration we simply need your current vehicle reg number, document reference number from your V5C and the registered keepers post code.

The application is processed online in two stages the first stage being retaining the registration from the Donor vehicle (our vehicle) when this stage is completed we then assign the registration from the certificate to the receiving vehicle (your vehicle). If for any reason one of these stages cannot be completed then a manual application must be posted to DVLA, which we will organise on your behalf and we will advise you of the necessary paperwork required.

If the online process is completed you will receive a new V5C directly from DVLA within 3-5 days however, your new registration can be displayed straight away. An email will be sent to you with an E-document from DVLA, which will allow you to have the new plates manufactured from a local supplier (or you can purchase these from us.)