Earn easy cash by selling your reg plate today


As well as selling personalised registrations to the public and to trade did you know that Speedy Reg also offer a free valuation service through which you can sell your registration? If you feel your number plate may be worth something why not give us a call and we can provide you with an up to date valuation based on current market trends. If you would prefer to remain anonymous or would prefer a written valuation you can contact us through the website. Simply select valuations from the tab at the top of our website and enter your details (or as much information as you would like to give) and we will return your valuation via email.

If you are happy with the valuation we have given you and would like to list your registration for sale you can simply return the selling permission form to us (which we will have attached with your valuation on our return email) or you can request a selling permission form via post.

A selling permission form gives us written permission to advertise your registration as it is an agreement from you to sell the number. You never know you could earn some quick and easy cash by selling a registration that may not be of any use to you or perhaps you simply want to purchase something new for your vehicle and cash in what you already have.

If you feel that you would like a little more for your registration we can advertise it at a higher price for you, within reason. Our valuation team have over 30 years experience so will always give up to date figures based on current market trends. You must remember that the number plate industry is based on supply and demand not just the popularity of a name. You may feel that your AMY registration is worth a lot because of the fact that Amy is a popular name, however there may be an overflow in the market and therefore, due to a high supply, potential customers have a lot to choose from.

We cannot guarantee how quickly your registration will sell as it is all about finding the right person for the number, however if you wish to review the price of your registration at any time you can do so. Sometimes simply reducing the price of your registration slightly may seal a deal for you.

So why not let us take care of all the necessary paperwork and earn some easy cash by selling your registration. There is absolutely no hassle in asking for a quotation and you never know you could have the cash in your hand within a matter of days depending on the demand for your specific registration.