Jill, Gary, Sarah & Barry; get your personalised plate today!


Have you been struggling to find the perfect personalised registration to suit your name? Have you considered looking through the vast selection of Irish registrations available on the market at the moment. Speedy Reg are market leaders in the supply of Irish Registrations and being based in Northern Ireland they have many years of experience in dealing with this specific type of vehicle registration.

Many people buy Irish registrations because they are dateless and are used to hide the age of a vehicle, which is great if you have an older vehicle and just want to make it look newer. What many people don’t realise however is the fact that there are some really great personalised Irish registrations that spell out names.

If your name is Jill for example you will find many JIL registrations available and unlike the DVLA style registrations you don’t have to worry about the age of your vehicle. For example JIL 3519 will set you back £450 plus VAT and Transfer fees and you will not find anything as good within the Current style or Prefix style DVLA number plates selection.

Many Gary’s get called GAZ for short and likewise Barry’s are referred to as BAZ. Here at Speedy Reg we have a large selection of BAZ registrations from £480 plus VAT and Transfer Fees and a large selection of GAZ numbers starting from £520 plus VAT and transfer fees.

If your name is Sarah you might get called SAZ or SEZ for short, both of which you will find on our website. Many Cheryl’s get the nickname Chez in which case you might be pleased to know that a CHZ registration exists.

For all you Gillian’s out there we have a GIL registration which is very popular if you shorten your name to Gill or Gilly.

If you cannot find a suitable registration to fit your name you may need to think outside the box a little. Remember our sales team are always available to give you suggestions if you are stuck for options. You may find something that will suit your surname instead for example THZ registrations are proving popular for the surname or even the name Thomas. SHZ is a popular combination for the surname Shazad or even the christian name Sharon (or Shazz).

The recently issued RIG combination is excellent and proving very popular for the surname Rigby, Riggs or Rigall and you will find many available on our website from just £40 plus VAT and Transfer Fee.

So why not consider an Irish registration in your search for the ideal number plate you might well find something perfect and at a great price.

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