Dateless Irish plates are big business

Number Plates

Did you know you can have a Northern Ireland plate on your vehicle regardless of whether or not you live in Ireland? Well you can, regardless of the age of your vehicle. These Irish plates are very popular as unlike those issued by the DVLA in Swansea, they don’t give away the date of issue and so they’re often bought by people who want to disguise the age of their car. Most of the plates are shorter in length than those we’re used to in the UK too so they truly have that personalised plate look to them at a good price; in fact, Speedy Reg guarantee that if you buy your Irish number plate from them, it will be the cheapest you can find and they will beat any other price, so you really can’t go wrong!

You know you can rely on Speedy Reg for your Irish number plates as they have been awarded the BSI, industry quality standard. In fact, they are the only dealer of Northern Ireland number plates to have been given this prestigious status. You could have your Irish number plate within two to three weeks of submitting your documentation, so go take a look and snap up a bargain personalised Irish plate.

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