Private regs for all budgets


No matter what your budget you are sure to find a suitable registration for your vehicle within the vast selection available at Speedy Reg. Our new website has been designed to make your search a lot easier in order to pinpoint exactly what you are searching for. If it’s budget that is dictating your choice you can search through our selection of cheap Irish registrations, simply select the ‘Cheap Irish Number Plates’ option on our home page and this will give you a large selection of registrations from as little as £40 plus VAT and DVLA fees. If you don’t have time to search through right away our website has a new facility whereby you can download an Excel sheet, which you can then print and read through at your leisure.

If you are looking for something to suit your name or someone else’s name, if this is a gift, you can use our simple search facility on the homepage for either a girls name or a boys name. This option will give you a list of popular male and female names, which you can simply click on to find a suitable registration at a suitable budget. The options will be broken down into categories from dateless registrations, suffix, prefix and current style numbers.

Our search facility will also enable you to search for date of birth number plates, dateless registrations (if you want to hide the age of your vehicle or have an older vehicle or classic vehicle) and even specific makes or model vehicle number plates.

The website will list all registrations in alpha numeric order, however if you would like to have the list in price order simply click on the price heading at the top which will list the registrations in price order with the cheapest first.

So from cheap Irish registrations from just £40.00 to personalised registrations to suit your name, initials or even date of birth; Speedy Reg have all the options covered our new website makes your search a lot more simple and straightforward. We even have a live chat facility, which you can use if you need help while searching and if you are unable to call us. Although the live chat facility is useful if you just need a quick discussion it is always best to call us and speak to a sales person directly as you will get their undivided attention and may even get the registration assigned to your vehicle in one simple phone call.