We’re Top Rated by Toppit Transport

We love it when our customers keep coming back, and we love it even more when they give us brilliant feedback! So a big thank you to Alan Moore from Toppit Transport for going to the trouble of writing to us with his compliments on the service he’s received from Speedy Reg. He’s a regular customer, buying TOP plates from us for the fleet of trucks he uses for his haulage business. If you’re driving around County Fermanagh, do keep an eye out for the Toppit trucks with their TOP plates!

He had these kind words to say about us…

“Speedy Reg are Top Notch for TOP plates for my business Toppit Transport. Always a pleasure to deal with”

Thanks so much Alan, we think you’re a really TOP bloke!

Fancy a TOP plate for yourself?

We’ve sold lots of TOP plates to Toppit Transport, but we’ve got plenty more available, so if you’d like one for your vehicle, then simply type TOP into our search box and see the wealth of choice of top TOP plates.

The ultimate TOP plate

Perhaps the coolest TOP plate we have at the moment is TOP 1 which we think is pretty spectacular. But it will cost you over £300,000 I’m afraid! If you can afford it though, we think it’s worth it! For something a little cheaper you can pick out 9 TOP, TOP 27, TOP 9P or even TOP 808Y!

TOP plates at bargain prices

If you’re just looking for a cheap TOP plate then don’t be disheartened. We’ve also got a massive selection of bargain priced TOP plates for you. We’ve got plates such as A005 TOP, B003 TOP and A010 TOP all available for just £199.

Keep the feedback coming!

If you buy a plate from us, or have bought from us in the past, we’d really love to hear from you, so do drop us a line. We might even feature your business in a blog post too!