The Most Expensive Number Plates in the UK

What do you spend your money on if you’re a billionaire? You’ve bought your private island and built your dream mansion, you’ve got sports cars in every colour of the rainbow and you’ve travelled the world in your private jet. You’ve still got loads of money in the bank and you’re fancying a shopping spree. How about some really expensive number plates for those sports cars?

The most valuable plate in the UK

For the ultimate plate, you could look out for F1, this is THE most expensive plate in the UK ever and was recently listed for sale at £14 million!

The best of the rest

The shorter the plate, generally, the more expensive it is. You’ll certainly turn heads if you own any of these, the most expensive plates sold in the UK. 25 0 sold in 2014 for £518,450. X 1 went for £502,500 back in 2012 and G 1 sold for a round £500,000 in 2011. Discover more of the most expensive UK plates in our infographic.

Pricey Plates at Speedy Reg

Here at Speedy Reg we have plates to suit all budgets. From bargain plates under £100 to some truly awesome and incredibly impressive plates. If you’re looking to blow some cash on a pricey plate then how about TL 9 which we have for sale for £25,000. Or you could have DES 5Y for £20,000. That is if our Director Des hasn’t snapped it up! It would certainly suit him! If your name is Joe or your surname is Jones then JOE 7S is a great choice for £12,500 or how about JAN 6S if you’re called Jane? You could have that one for £16,000. These are all for sale right now, so if you’d like any of these, do call us on 02893444635 or email us at You can also buy directly through our website. There’s a ‘BUY’ button next to each plate and the process is really easy, just follow the instructions on screen.

Many more on our website

All of these luxury plates, and so many more are available on our website. To see all the options available, just type your name or other word you’d like, into our search box, and see what comes up. You might even find that your perfect plate isn’t even all that expensive!