The Ultimate HORSE number plate

Love all things horsey? Then we’ve got the ideal plate for you and we’re not horsing around, it’s absolutely true. You could be the owner of HOR 5E

We think this is the best number plate we have ever seen for anyone who loves horses. It would be perfect for a jockey, or for someone who breeds horses. Wouldn’t it look amazing on a horse box? It’s got to be a good luck charm for any race horse!

If you’d like this prestigious HOR 5E plate then give us a call now on 02866 387124 and you could have this plate in just a few days!

We’ve also got some other brilliant horse related plates for sale right now. There is HOR 533Y, HOR 553Y and HOR 553S. They’re all pretty spectacular, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Even more animal plates

Not a horsey person? Then how about one of our other animal themed plates? We’ve certainly got plenty on offer!

CAT plates

How about a cat plate? You’ve got to love those little fluff balls, if you adore your moggies then why not let the world know with a CAT plate? If you’re a cat sitter or run a cattery, it would also be amazing advertising for your business! Right now we have a couple of highly desirable CAT plates for sale… 8 CAT and 22 CAT. If you’re looking for a budget CAT plate we’ve got some really great ones for just £394 such as BA02 CAT, DA03 CAT and AA59 CAT. If your feline friend is a little on the tubby side, how about F47 CAT? We have literally hundreds of CAT plates, so why not visit our site and search for CAT? Then you’ll see all the options available. You’ll soon find your purr-fect CAT plate!

DOG plates

Of course dog lovers needn’t miss out, as of course we’ve also got loads of great DOG plates. Perhaps the best one available is 2 DOG, but we’ve also got E6 DOG, M30 DOG, C054 DOG and hundreds more. With prices for DOG plates starting at an incredibly low £199, they really are very affordable. Are we barking mad with plates for sale for such low prices?

All these plates are quick and easy to buy

Have any of these plates inspired you to get your very own pet plate to celebrate your love of animals? Ordering your private plates from us is so easy. You can simply click the ‘Buy’ button next to every license plate on our site and follow the simple instructions, or just give us a ring or drop us an email if you have any questions or particular requirements. Our team of expert advisors will be more than happy to help you.