Get Your Apron On – It’s World Baking Day!

The third Sunday of May is World Baking Day. This day isn’t just about making a big cake and eating it all yourself, it’s about showing your love and gratitude to friends and family, by sharing your baked goods with them!

There are so many ways to join in with World Baking Day. You can bake some biscuits and take them into work to share around with your colleagues, you cut make a cake and invite friends and family round for a slice and a catch up, or perhaps you could pop round to your neighbours with a batch of cupcakes as a lovely surprise?

Anyone can bake – give it a go!

While shows like The Great British Bake Off have made baking pretty popular lately, there are still plenty of people who are scared to give it a go, but you shouldn’t be! You don’t need to create a stunningly magnificent showstopper that will be shared all over Instagram. The joy about baking, is that even if the recipe goes wrong, if your cake gets a little burnt or your biscuits all melt into each other, it will most likely still taste delicious! Who cares about the looks?

Baking is easy, trust us and give it a try. You’ll find lots of simple recipes online, you can’t go wrong with some shortbread biscuits and making delicious gooey flapjack is simplicity itself!

Love baking? How about a baking plate?

We’ve got some brilliant private plates for bakers. Whether you bake for a hobby, or for your living, we’ve got just the plate you need (or should that be kneed?). For starters, how about BAK 11R or BAK 56Y? These would be amazing for someone who ran a bakery. Imagine having either of those on your delivery vehicle! Or what about a bake plate such as BA11 AKE?

We’ve got BUN plates starting from as little as £199 such AU02 BUN, EU51 BUN, D6 BUN and BUN 5S.

For those who prefer to bake bread, how about AA02 BAP or AA58 BAP? These and many more BAP plates are available for just £199.

Enjoy World Baking Day and treat someone!

We really hope you’ll join in with World Baking Day and make someone’s day with a surprise baked treat. We’re certainly going to be joining in here at the Speedy Reg offices with cakes and biscuits being promised by our multi-talented staff – I can’t wait!