It’s the FA Cup Final – Who are you Cheering for?

It’s going to be exciting, it’s going to be action packed, and it’s going to be on TV so be ready around 5pm on Saturday 19th May, tuned into BBC One, or if you have BT Sport, you can watch from 4pm on BT Sport 2 or BT Sport 4K UHD. You can also listen in on BBC 5 live, so if you’re travelling, you don’t need to miss out!

The FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea will kick off at Wembley at 5:15pm.

FA Cup Trivia

Discover some FA Cup facts so you’ll look like an expert when you’re watching the match down at the pub!

  • The first person to ever be sent off in an FA Cup final was Kevin Moran of Manchester United. This was 113 years after the FA Cup began!
  • The fastest time for the first goal to be scored in an FA Cup match is just 25 seconds after kick off. This was achieved by Louis Saha of Everton in 2009, however, despite this, they still ended up losing the game to Chelsea.
  • There has only ever been one FA Cup game played on Christmas Day and that was Linfield Athletic v Cliftonville back in 1888.
  • The only side not based in England to have won the trophy is Cardiff City, they triumphed over Arsenal in 1927.
  • In 1898, Nottingham Forest had to borrow the shirts from Derby for the team photos, as their own shirts didn’t work well in black and white photos due to a lack of contrast.

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