New Fall Out Boy Album Finally Launches!

Have you been eagerly awaiting the release of the new album Mania from Fall Out Boy? It’s been a while coming hasn’t it? It was first scheduled to be released back in September 2017, but in August the band knew it just wouldn’t be ready in time. They didn’t want to rush it, they wanted to put out an album that they could truly be proud of. So while we’ve have had to wait a while, at least we’re going to get something that’s bound to be amazing. Especially if their track record is anything to go by!

Four of the tracks on the album will already be familiar to Fall Out Boy fans as they’ve already been released as singles. Young and Menace was released back in April 2017, followed by Champion the following June, The Last of the Real Ones in September and the fourth single from the album, Hold Me Tight or Don’t was recently released on January 11th  this year.

But, you’ve got a whole six new tracks to discover. If you’ve seen them on their recent Mania Tour, you may well have heard some of them.

Did you know?

It’s time for some fascinating, and some less-than-fascinating facts about Fall Out Boy…

  • Bassist Pete Wentz was once mistaken for E. L. James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey!
  • He has actually written a book. It’s called ‘The Boy With a Thorn in his Side’.
  • Patrick Stump really hates barbecue sauce.
  • He also hates being called Pat, so remember that if you ever meet him!
  • Drummer Andy Hurley has very varied tastes in music citing his two favourite bands as Slayer and New Kids on the Block.
  • He was voted ‘Sexiest Vegan’ in 2006.
  • Joe Trohman was once paid $20 to sleep in a dog cage. We’re not sure why!

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