Celebrities who love their number plates

AMS 1 Number Plates

Fame and personalised plates seem to go hand in hand. Of course anyone can have a personalised number plate, they start at very low prices, but some of the most desirable plates can cost huge amounts of money, so they’re a status symbol for the rich and famous, along with their mansion, yacht and sports car.

Lord Sugar, multi-millionaire businessman and star of the popular BBC show The Apprentice has had his AMS 1 plate since the early days of his business back in the 60s. It’s been transferred plenty of times since then!  This plate is a reference to the Amstrad computer company he founded.

Roman Abramovich, Chairman of Chelsea Football Club must think he’s important enough to splash  out £285,000 on a present for himself, the plate VIP 1 which he displays proudly on his Rolls-Royce.

It seems that there is an  unwritten rule among the Chairmen of football clubs that they need to have a personalised plate. Doug Ellis, former Chairman of Aston Villa Football Club has the plate AV 1.

It’s not just football though, other sporting greats love their personalised plates too. We rather like Amir Khan’s plate BOX 111G.

Photo credit: kxtells/ Foter.com/ CC BY-ND