The Long Awaited New Album from Nicki Minaj is Nearly Here!

It’s been four years now since the last album from rapper Nicki Minaj, The Pinkprint, was released. The release of this new album has been postponed a couple of times, first expected in June, then August 10th, and we’ve now been given a new date. August 17th. Fingers crossed all will go well and we’ll finally be able to listen to her fourth album, Queen, Nicki’s latest album which according to Nicki herself is her greatest work to date. She wants it to be a classic hip-hop album that people will never forget.


Of course we’ve already heard two tracks from the album, Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li and if the rest of the album is as good as these two, then we’re certainly in for treat. Chun-Li has done well in the charts, making it to the Top 10 in the R&B and Hip-Hop airplay chart. If you haven’t already seen the stunning videos for these singles, then do give them a watch.


We’re hoping to hear some amazing collaborations on this album, but as yet the track listing hasn’t been released, or any further information given. Likely collaborations would be Cardi B, Lil Wayne and Drake, but we’ll just have to wait and see!


Nicki Minaj – Fascinating Facts


  • Nicki has had more top 10 hits in the R&B Airplay charts than anyone else, that includes Mary J Blige and Beyonce!
  • Rumours abound that she’s going to work on a collaboration with none other than Ariana Grande.
  • She was once fired from a job as a waitress for being rude to her customers.
  • She has more followers on Twitter than any other rapper.
  • She loves chocolate – her favourites are Twix and Kit Kat.



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