Looking for something different to invest in?

Number Plates1

If you’re looking for an investment that’s also a lot of fun, you really can’t go wrong with personalised license plates. They may not be the first thing you think about when you’re looking for an investment, but they are definitely worth considering. Personalised plates retain their value well and often increase in value too.

Any short plate will be desirable, as will those that clearly represent a desirable word or a common name. You might get lucky and pick up a cheap plate that becomes far more valuable when the words you’ve chosen become more popular, perhaps representing a new band, celebrity or high rating TV show that didn’t exist when you bought the plate.

Of course the joy of investing in number plates is that you can use them while you’re waiting for them to increase in value. They’re great fun to have, they turn heads and they can also be a good way to advertise your business. The car you put your plates on will no doubt keep depreciating, but the plates will keep their value, often ending up being worth more than your car.

Unless you get very lucky, your plates probably won’t rocket in value overnight, but as a safe medium to long term investment they’re ideal. They’re easy to buy; you can have them on your car within days, and they’re easy to sell when you’re ready to. Of course they are a luxury item, but even in these tough economic times sales of personalised number plates are on the increase, so there’s no great risk that trends will change and personalised plates will go out of fashion. They’ve been with us a long time and these days they’re chosen by people from all walks of life, they’re no longer considered to be a frivolous extravagance for the rich and famous, but an accessory for anyone with any type of car. The perfect way to express your personality via your vehicle.

There are few products in life that you can buy, use and enjoy, without them depreciating. Personalised plates are a pretty safe bet in the risky world of investments. There are plates available to suit any budget, so whether you want to invest a hundred pounds, or hundreds of thousands of pounds, you’ll find a plate that’s just right for you. Pick a good plate that is both desirable to others, but personal for yourself too, and you can enjoy it for a few years until you cash in your investment and reap the resulting rewards.