Perfect personalised car number plates

Personalised Number Plates

We’ve been out on the street asking you what you’d love to have on your personalised car number plate if money were no object.

Karen Holdsworth said she’d love to have her name on her number plate. Everyone calls her Kaz and she thinks this would make a great plate. We agree and let her know that with a visit to Speedy Reg she could pick up AF03 KAZ for under £200!

Tom Grantley said he’d also like his name on a plate, but he’d love a really short plate as he thinks they look the coolest. We’ve found the perfect plate. 86 TOM, not only does it have his name on, but it also has the year of his birth – 1986!

Evan Smyth runs a web design company and he’s been thinking about a plate that would help promote his business. We took a look at what is available and came up with the fabulous F1 WEB, however at over £20,000 this might be a little over Evan’s budget, but he could always opt for E15 WEB for under £600. He could pick up a plate even cheaper if he wants his company name, EVS on his plate; ACO2 EVS is available for under £200!

Photo credit: Ed Callow [ torquespeak ] / / CC BY