DVLA Number Plates

DVLA number plate blog


The DVLA, which stands for The Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency, is the organisation which is responsible for enforcing GB number plates and car registration rules. Similarly in Northern Ireland a separate body known as the DVA works in the same way.

Registration dealers such as Speedy Reg, adhere to all DVLA and DVA regulations and deal with them directly so it is always best to purchase your choice of registration through a reputable company like Speedy Reg to ensure that everything is legal and above board.

If there is a number plate you have always wanted but are unsure about whether you can place the number on your vehicle or if perhaps there may be restrictions why not give the team at Speedy Reg a call. They will talk you through the process involved and answer any questions you may have. It really couldn’t be easier to get the personalised registration you have always wanted.