Fun Easter registrations



Easter is the most important festival in the Christian Calendar as it marks the death and resurrection of Jesus. The Easter story lies at the heart of the Christian religion because the whole foundation of the Christian religion is based on the sacrifice that God made by giving his only son up to die on the cross to clean the world of their sin.

Nowadays Easter has become extremely commercialised and like another Christian festival (Christmas) people begin to forget the true meaning of the holiday and get lost in the chocolate, treats and days off work and school.

As the shops begin to fill with chocolate eggs, chocolate rabbits, hot cross buns, fluffy chicks and daffodils people begin to overlook the true meaning of Easter. If you look deeper though you will discover that there is actually some meaning behind the fact that we give each other chocolate eggs at Easter. An egg is a symbol of new life and is used to symbolise the resurrection of Jesus. It is also used to symbolise the empty tomb, which was left behind when Jesus returned to heaven.

If Easter is one of your favourite holidays then why not get yourself an Easter related number plate. You can purchase a number of Easter related private number plates through Speedy Reg for example EA57 ERA, which spells Easter with an a on the end, AB13 NNY which looks like ‘a bunny’ and E17 EGG, which looks like Easter Egg.