Happy birthday Doris Day

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Silver Screen icon Doris Day turns 90 today. The star of Calamity Jane, Love Me or Leave Me and Midnight Lace also had an excellent music career and sang many over the soundtrack songs for her film roles.

In more recent years she has pretty much stayed away from the spotlight but has released one or two albums. Because of this withdrawal from the spotlight many have come to believe that she had passed away, however she is very much alive.

An avid animal rights activist she now lives a quite life at home in California with her many pets and is still very active in her charity work.

Nowadays Doris is not the most common of names and has died out over the years. In fact Doris has become a popular pet name for people’s VW Campervans, Beetles and Minis.

If your name is Doris or you have named your vehicle Doris why not get yourself a personalised registration, DOR 111S is a great choice as is DOR 15N