Red Nose Day – Putting the Fun into Fundraising

March 24th is Red Nose Day. Red Nose Day has brought laughs and much needed cash for Comic Relief since the first one in 1988. Do you remember it? Of course the easiest way to help the cause is to buy a red nose. The designs change every year and they just seem to get better and better. This years designs are so cute. There are nine different red noses as well as a rare silver nose. The noses are in sealed bags. So you don’t know which one you’re getting. Why not try and collect the set and swap your doubles? There’s an owl, a dog, a dragon, a viking and many more. One in 900 noses is the rare Frankinose. If you manage to find one then check out the code on his feet. If you put this into the Red Nose Day website you can unlock some special secret content. Red noses cost just £1 each so it’s a great way to do your bit and have some fun too. There’s plenty of other merchandise available, from red nose deely boppers to some fab animal inspired t-shirts.

Or perhaps you want to go a step further and organise your own Red Nose Day Fundraiser? If you do, there are lots of ideas on the website at and you can order a free fundraising pack there too.  Perhaps you could organise a danceathon like DJ Sara Cox who will be dancing for 24 hours in aid of Comic Relief.

Don’t forget to tune in to the live show. It starts at 7pm on the BBC.  It’s bound to be highly entertaining, and with it being live, you never know what might happen!

If you’re going to be fundraising in a car or van then here are some great Red Nose Day license plates that will really make you stand out…

How about a RED plate such as RED 3 or RED 51R? We’ve also got EV11 RED and WH02 RED. When I think of Red Nose Day, the first person that always springs to mind is Lenny Henry. If you’re a fan of Lenny then you could go for LEN 3Y!