Personalised registrations, not just for the rich and famous


When many people think of personalised registrations they associate them with the rich and famous and most people will quote a registration that belongs to a celebrity or rich person. This is no longer the case as we at Speedy Reg sell number plates to people of all kinds of backgrounds, age and  income. Did you know that we have private plates from as little as £40 plus Vat plus Transfer fee and these can be provided either straight to your vehicle or on retention certificate if you so wish.

Our £40 and upwards cheap selection are mainly dateless Irish registrations however you may be lucky enough to find one that suits your name or initials, for example if your name is Sharon you could have a SHZ registration from just £40.

We also have a large selection of more expensive personalised registrations, which could spell your name in full. If you feel you cannot pay outright for a more expensive registration we also offer a finance package through Hitachi Capital whereby after paying a 10 percent deposit you have a full year at 0% interest to pay for the registration. Here at Speedy Reg we are happy to accommodate a payment plan if you feel you cannot