Personalised Registrations to warm you this winter


The cold days are well and truly with us and as we prepare for the snow and frost that are no doubt on their way many of us have already begun to wear an extra layer of clothing. If you are not a fan of the winter and prefer to be wrapped up in front of a cosy fire why not get a cosy registration for your car and radiate some heat.

Boiler repair companies enjoy the winter as this is their busiest time of year for servicing boilers and likewise fireplace and stove sales tend to increase before the harsh winter months. A private registration is a great way to advertise your business so if you are a fireplace sales company or a boiler repair service why not get yourself a personalised registration to go on your company vehicle.

For example why not go for a cosy registration COS 8Y or add a bit of heat to those frosty winter nights with HEA 77S. If you are in the market for a warming registration why not contact us today.