Keep your license plates safe!

Number Plates

After a spate of license plate thefts in Derby, motorists around the country are once again being urged to take precautions to protect their plates. Having a private plate does give you extra protection from license plate thieves as they do prefer to steal generic ordinary plates that don’t stand out from the crowd, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

It’s not just the loss of the physical plates and the resulting replacement costs you have to deal with, the stolen plates could well be used in a crime. You could end up with a speeding fine or parking ticket if your plates are used on another vehicle, or your plates could be used in a robbery. If the plates are then spotted on CCTV or someone makes a note of the registration, the car used in the crime will be traced back to you, and you could end up with the police on your doorstep accusing you of a bank robbery!

It’s not hard to protect your plates, what you need are tamper-proof screws to attach your plates to your vehicle. They’re not too expensive to buy, and if you buy your plates from Speedy Reg, we provide tamper-proof screws free of charge. These screws are just as easy to use to attach a plate as ordinary screws, but they cannot be removed with breaking the plates.

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