Pride in your car

Number Plates

With gay pride season well under way, and the first gay marriage ceremonies in England set for next summer, it’s a great time for the LGBT community.  Pride events tend to be colourful lavish affairs, and so it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but if you’re taking your car along, a personalised plate could be a great way to show everyone that you’re out and proud! If you’re planning a gay wedding next year, wouldn’t it be fab to arrive in a car with a gay themed personalised plate? It would look brilliant in the wedding photos!

Let’s take a look at the options we’ve got available at Speedy Reg

We’ve got absolutely loads of GAY plates. GAY 54, GAY 50D and C12 GAY are all available. If you’re on a budget you could pick up AA02 GAY for just £199! We’ve also got plenty of LGB plates at bargain prices such as B13 LGB for £394 and ABO2 LGB, a snip at £199.  For the girls we’ve got  LES 9 or LES 1R available.

A personalised license plate is a really fun way of showing the world you’re proud of who you are!