The latest DVLA banned plates

Number Plates

The DVLA meet twice a year to decide which plates will be banned. Generally this covers anything that might be considered offensive. They met again recently to assess the latest plates before their release in September, and as always the banned list makes for an interesting and something amusing read!

This time they’ve banned all plates that end in KOK. B011 CKS has been banned, along with SH12 EDD, BLO8 JOB, BB11 TCH, K11 LLA, BU62 GER and 51 LUT. They’ve also banned any plates that contain the letters S and HAG, TW and AAT and UP and YOU. Plates that could be insulting to people with learning disabilities have also been banned. These include plates containing SP and AZZ and MO and NGS.

Plates ending with the text phrase WTF and OMG have been allowed, but it is thought that they will be banned in the future.

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