The DVLA’s Most Curious Queries

DVLA’s most curious Queries – Speedy Reg

Two years ago, the DVLA launched a special innovative service that could be accessed via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This service would allow people to ask their devices questions regarding the DVLA such as when their road tax is due, or their MOT date and it’s proved to be very successful.  It’s pretty handy simply reading out the letters and digits of registration plate to your voice controlled device and having Alexa or Google Assistant instantly give you the information you need, and over 20,000 people have used the service to make more than 47,000 queries since it began.

However, some users just don’t seem to be able to grasp the limitations of the knowledge of the DVLA, or perhaps they know something we don’t. Is the DVLA secretly the font of all knowledge? They’ve certainly had some odd enquiries over the last two years and a list of some of the strangest has been recently released. It certainly makes for eyebrow raising reading…

Some of the questions asked were:

How do you get chewing gum off a leather settee?

How do I apply for Love Island?

Do you know a good vegan recipe for chicken?

Are red cars the fastest?

What time is lunch?

Is it going to rain in Ellesmere Port today?

What did you think of the Bumblebee movie?

How can I stop my flatmate drinking my milk?

Where are my socks?

Is this rash normal?

It has not been revealed whether the DVLA were successfully able to predict the weather in Ellesmere Port or locate the lost socks, but we suspect not.

You can give it a go too

If you’ve got a question for the DVLA, hopefully one that doesn’t involve your application for Love Island or a thirsty flatmate, you can use the service for free on your Amazon Echo or Google Home device.