Northern Irish Athletes

Celebrating Northern Irish Athletes at the Olympics 2012

Whether they competed under the Team GB or Team Ireland banner, Northern Ireland athletes are top of their game. Winning a combined five medals in this year’s London Olympics 2012, it’s time to congratulate our sporting heroes.

Boxing and rowing were the winning sports at this year’s Olympics. We look forward to adding more sports (and medals) when the Olympics heads to Rio in 2016.


As a sport, it was introduced to the schedule of the Olympic Games in 1904. For every Olympics Games since then, there have been games held in the sport of boxing. Except for 1912 in Stockholm where interestingly Sweden didn’t allow Boxing as a sport as a matter of law.

Boxing is split into a number of categories. This year saw 10 categories in the Olympic Boxing programme:

  • Light-Flyweight – 46-49 kg
  • Flyweight – 49-52kg
  • Bantamweight – 52-56kg
  • Lightweight – 56-60kg
  • Light-Welterweight – 60-64kg
  • Welterweight – 64-69kg
  • Middleweight – 69-75kg
  • Light-Heavyweight – 75-81kg
  • Heavyweight – 81-91 kg
  • Super-Heavyweight +91 kg

Paddy Barnes

Paddy Barnes is a native of Belfast. He is the only Irish man to have won two medals in consecutive Olympics in Boxing. Competing in the light-flyweight division (46-49kg), he has won two bronze medals for Ireland in 2012 and 2008.

In 2012, it was an incredibly close fight. At the end of 3 rounds, he drew with his opponent 15-15 but unfortunately lost on countback (by a score of 45-44).

He is an accomplished boxer having won gold medals in both the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the 2010 European Amateur Boxing Championships.

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Michael Conlon

Michael is also a native of Belfast. On his debut outing to the Olympics, he secured himself a place in the history books by winning a bronze medal in the flyweight division.

At just the tender age of 20, he is earning some serious credentials within the sport. He is already a two-time champion in Irish National Flyweight Category.

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Events in rowing have been part of the Olympics since the games in 1900. It was intended to be part of the Olympics in 1896 however due to bad weather, events had to be cancelled.

Both men and women compete in rowing events when women’s events were introduced in 1976 at the Games in Montreal.

There are 14 events under the auspices of rowing:

  • Single Sculls – men
  • Single Sculls – women
  • Double Sculls – men
  • Double Sculls – lightweight men
  • Double Sculls – lightweight women
  • Double Sculls – women
  • Quad Sculls – men
  • Quad Sculls – women
  • Coxless pair – men
  • Coxless pair – women
  • Coxless four – men
  • Coxless four – lightweight men
  • Eight – men
  • Eight – women

Richard & Peter Chambers

Brothers Richard and Peter Chambers competed in the Lightweight Men’s Coxless Four event with Rob Williams and Chris Bartley.

The two brothers who hail from Coleraine took silver in this years Olympics. Both brothers are accomplished rowers competing with each other and others over the past number of years.

Richard is the oldest at 27. With wins under his belt, such as 2010 & 2007 World Champion, 2011 World Bronze medalist and a finalist in 2008 Olympics, his Olympic silver medal will take pride of place.

Peter is the youngest of the two at the tender age of 22. Despite his young age, he has clocked up a number of championships himself by winning Gold at the Munich World Cup and a silver in Belgrade World Cup earlier this year. In 2011, he took gold at the World Rowing Championships and the World Rowing U23 Championships. In 2010, he won silver in the same event and in 2009, he took bronze.

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  • Peter: PCZ 4
  • Richard: RCZ 4

Alan Campbell

Another native of Coleraine, Alan Campbell took bronze in the Men’s single sculls at this year’s Olympics.

Having competed in 2004 and 2008 Olympics, he won the medal that will put him into the history books.

The 29 year old has already won his fair share of medals including bronze in the 2011 and 2010 World Rowing Championships and Silver in 2009 and Bronze in this years Munich World cup.

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In summary,

These athletes are sporting heroes but we are all heroes in somoene’s eyes. The gift of a personalised number plate is an ideal way to show how much you care. They are perfect for celebrating any occasion.