Number plates fit for a King

Number Plates

It will be a few years yet before the new Prince is ready to drive his first car, but it’s never too soon to celebrate a new arrival. Perhaps his family would like to pick out a personalised plate to mark the occasion!

If they did, let’s see what plates we’ve got available that would be a good choice…

Well as the new royal baby has been named George, perhaps a great number plate with his name on would be nice. We’ve got some super ones too. They could choose G36 RGE or perhaps opt for P930 RGE.

Perhaps they’d like to celebrate the birth of His Royal Highness with an HRH plate. We’ve loads of those too, some at bargain prices. 38 HRH is available for £3175, but there are also plenty of very cheap HRH plates.  A16 HRH and D10 HRH are available at £494, and cheaper still are C12 HRH or C14 HRH which are both just £394.

Perhaps a plate with George Alexander Louis’s initials on would be a nice choice. We’ve got E14 GAL, GAL 73N and F15 GAL all available.

Photo credit: Ochre Jelly / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA