More choice with Irish number plates

Number Plates

Not only do you have the pick of thousands of amazing UK plates listed on Speedy Reg, but you can also choose to buy an Irish number plate, giving you even more choice!  Speedy Reg are the leading dealers in Irish number plates in the UK, so you know your purchase is in safe hands. We make buying a number plate easy and it’s no different with our Irish plates.  We take most of the hard work off your hands, so just leave it all to us. It really will be very straightforward for you.

Not only do Irish number plates offer you an extended choice of plates, but there are plenty of other advantages to owning an Irish plate too. The main one perhaps is that they’re very cheap. Check out our Irish plates currently available and you’ll see they’re often significantly cheaper than their UK counterparts. Another major benefit of the Irish plates is that the Irish registration system doesn’t include any reference to the year of issue, so they’re entirely dateless. Perfect if you’re looking for a cheap plate to disguise the age of your car.

Use our handy search facility to pick out the perfect Irish plate for your car today!