Curb Your Enthusiasm Finally Returns To Our Screens!

Despite being one of the top comedy shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm has been off the air for far too long!

The show began with a pilot back in 1999 and since then there have been 8 seasons, with season 8 airing back in 2011. Since then it’s all been very quiet. We’ve been missing Larry and his adventures terribly. It’s such a unique and clever show, that has us laughing all the way through. So it’s wonderful to finally have season 9 to look forward to. All your favourite characters are back, it’s confirmed that Jeff Garlin, JB Smoove and Susie Essman will all star in the latest series and it’s set to be even better than ever.

Rumour has it that this season will have a storyline that carries through the series, so don’t miss the first episode! The US will get to watch it on October 1st on Sky Atlantic, but you’ll be wondering when the UK is going to have the joy of season 9. Well it’s very good news as it’s going to be aired in the UK just one day later on October 2nd! That’s awesome news!

So why has it taken so long for a new series to come along? Well apparently Larry David was worried that his ideas for a new season just weren’t good enough! Can you imagine? So he took a break, but began putting pen to paper with new ideas in 2015. So that brings us to now, and our new series, season 9! Exciting times for all fans.

If you’ve never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm then you’re in for a real treat. You’ve got 8 whole seasons to catch up on, just don’t crack a rib laughing if you watch them back to back!

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