Take Time to Relax with a Cuppa – It’s International Coffee Day!


What makes the world go round? Love, money? Personally I think it’s coffee. A coffee in the morning gets us all ready and raring to go, to get to work and do our best. Of course there are those annoying people who bounce out of bed in the morning with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. For the rest of us, we drag ourselves reluctantly from our sleep and try to kick start our brains into gear with a lovely cup of coffee.

Do you drink your coffee in a hurry? Then International Coffee Day is the day for taking the time to savour your coffee. Forget the quick cup of instant, go to a coffee shop, order something special, and relax and enjoy! Perhaps take a newspaper with you, or a friend!

The purpose of International Coffee Day is to promote fair trade coffee and raise awareness for the plight of coffee growers. When you choose fair trade coffee, you know that the farmers growing the coffee have been paid a fair price.

Look out for Coffee Day events in your local coffee shops. There may be something fun going on, or some good deals and discounts.

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Maybe you don’t like coffee? Don’t worry, we’ve also got 15 TEA and TEA 5S for all you tea drinkers. Prefer an indulgent hot chocolate? Then you might just like CHO 2C.

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So take time out to celebrate International Coffee Day. Invite your friends round and serve some quality fair trade coffee with a delicious slice of cake. The perfect opportunity for a catch up. Or why not ask around at work and have a trip out together, persuade your boss that the upcoming meeting would be much more productive if you held it in a coffee shop!

However you spend the day, be sure to have a cuppa and enjoy International Coffee Day!