Why are DVLA plates so popular?


Why do so many people come to us to buy a DVLA private registration plate? All cars come with a number plate, so why bother to change it? Well there are plenty of reasons. Most people simply prefer the unique look of a personalised plate. It says something about you. It’s just more interesting and more fun than a string of random letters and numbers that have no meaning. Many people opt for a plate with their name on. Plates that depict names are always big sellers.

In fact, I once met a man who went a step further than this. Instead of buying a plate with his name on, he actually changed his name to match his registration plate which was AXE.  With our private plates starting at just £40, there’s really no need to change your surname by deed poll to Hzm. It would probably work out more expensive anyway. We have plates to match all names. Just type your name into our search box and see what comes up. There’s bound to be something perfect. If you can’t find your ideal name plate then just give us a call and we’ll try our best to find you what you are looking for.

Plates are also becoming very popular as investments. These days you don’t get much of a return if you put your money in a savings account as interest rates are so low. Private plates make a good investment as they have a great track record of keeping their value and often increasing in value. We will happily transfer any of our registrations onto a retention certificate for you at no extra charge, so you can buy as many plates as you like without having to own a vehicle for each one.

Another reason why DVLA plates are so popular is for advertising a business. It really does make sense if you use a vehicle for your job. A private plate can cost you under a hundred pounds and if you pick something that represents your business, people will take note and remember you. The great thing about this is that for your one off payment you can advertise your business for years. Also, if you decide you don’t want your plate any more, you could even make a profit when you come to sell it. It’s way more economical that an advert in the local press!

Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that private plates are as popular as ever. They’ve become affordable for all so now anyone can own a private plate, they’re not just for the rich!