Buying from a DVLA number plate auction

DVLA Number Plates

Buying from a DVLA number plate auction is easy with Speedy Reg

Six times a year you have the chance to buy DVLA number plates at auction. The plates released are the more desirable plates that have a higher level of personalisation than standard DVLA plates and so they have been withheld to be sold at auction to raise money for the treasury. It’s a good chance to snap up a bargain priced personalised number plate, but of course attending an auction can be problematic. You need to be free on the day of the auction. You might have to travel a long way, and you may need to spend quite a bit of extra money on accommodation near the auction and all the other sundries that are involved in a trip away.

We at Speedy Reg attend all these auctions, so we’ll always be at the auction should you want us to bid on your behalf. Because we’re always doing this, we’re also fully experienced in the way the auctions work so you can rely on us to bid on your DVLA number plate of choice. Many other companies will charge you a percentage of the final winning bid, but we make it simple and just charge you a set fee, so you’ll know in advance how much you’ll need to pay us. Of course you’ll be able to set the maximum amount you want to bid and we’ll do our best to get you a bargain.