Looking for perfect DAZ number plates?

Speedyreg is currently advertising three consecutive DAZ registrations, DAZ 37, DAZ 38, and DAZ 39.

The most famous DAZ is popular laundry detergent on the market in theUnited Kingdom and Ireland. It is manufactured by Procter & Gamble and is lower priced than P & G’s main brand, Ariel. From 2002, Daz began a series of soap opera style adverts called Cleaner Close. Some of these featured where a new packet Daz or prize give-away as part of the plot, such as a character who either hid money in Daz packets or donated money to Daz in their will.

What better way to promote the DAZ laundry detergent but with personalised registrations on their delivery Lorries, such DAZ 37, DAZ 38 and DAZ 39.

DAZ registrations can also be used for the popular boy’s name Darren. Darren means Burnt land or Hill.  A lot of Darren’s are known as DAZ which is the shortened version of their name Darren.

Can you think of any famous Darren’s these registrations would be suitable for?