Perfect Baby Gifts




Looking for a perfect gift for the UK’s heaviest baby girl?

With the arrival of UK’s heaviest baby girl at 12lb 12oz this month, what better way to celebrate her birth but with personalised number plates such as SUI 1212?

Gemma Tevendale who is 5ft 4in tall, gave birth only with the aid of gas and air, and did not need stitches, even though Suzie was nearly twice the size of a normal newborn. Most mothers of heavy babies have a caesarean.The 26-year-old and her partner, James Gzowski, 25, an IT technician, were told  to expect a large baby, but the midwife could not believe her eyes when Suzie arrived at Great Western Hospital, Swindon. They thought the scales had broken.

Since her birth three weeks ago, Suzie, who is already 2ft tall, has been wearing clothes for babies aged three to six months. In 2002 Danish researchers found that women who eat more fish are likely to have heavier babies, although the reason was unknown. Miss Tevendale eats four portions of fish a week, usually tuna and smoked salmon. The recommended amount during pregnancy is two portions a week.

She said: ‘I do like my fish, but I hadn’t gone overboard with it, although I probably had more than I should have.’

So maybe Miss Tevendale will splash out on a personalised number plate for her Daughter, showing her birth weight such as SUI 1212.