The ten most expensive DVLA number plates

DVLA Numberplates

The BBC recently obtained a list of the ten most expensive DVLA number plates under the Freedom of Information Act and it makes for interesting reading.

At number 1 is the plate 1 D. It’s easy to see why this sold for a massive £352,000. It’s short and so looks incredibly cool and it would be desirable for so many people. The number 1 would be preferred over any other number, and anyone whose name begins with D would love this plate and there are plenty of Davids, Debbies and Daniels out there! Coming in at number 2 is 51 NGH that sold for £254,000. This represents the name Singh, a common Asian surname, so again there would be a big market for this plate. The third most expensive plate is 1 RH selling for £247,000, again a nice short plate that would suit anyone with those initials. In fourth place is K1 NGS that sold for £231,000 and the fifth most expensive plate sold was 1 O which went for £210,000.

The sixth most expensive plate was 1 A that sold for £200,000, the seventh was 1 OO going for £197,000, the eighth 2 O selling for £142,000, the ninth 6 B went for £130,000 and finally 1 HRH sold for £113,000 perfect for a member of the Royal Family!

Photo credit  HowardLake / / CC BY-SA