Glorious weather number plates


Celebrate the glorious weather with personalised number plate!

With the weather finally taking a turn for the better you’re no doubt making the most of it; sunbathing, throwing a barbecue party or relaxing in your garden. You’re probably also taking the opportunity to get out in the car with the sun roof open, for a trip to the seaside or the countryside. Why not use the summer weather as inspiration for a new personalised number plate?

Let’s take a look at the summery plates you could pick up from Speedy Reg. We’ve got some great SUN plates. You can take your pick from SUN 11K, SUN 1S, J9 SUN or A13 SUN. We’ve also got some (literally!) HOT plates. You could have HOT 15H, HOT 111Y, D18 HOT or N44 HOT. If you love lazing in the garden on a hot summer day how about LAZ 4444 or LAZ 1? You can celebrate summer with AA02 SUM or ABO2 SUM for under £200.

We also love these other weather related plates which are all available at the time of writing. Perfect if you’re not a sun worshipper but still want a stylish personalised plate. There’s 33 SKY, 105 SNO or J5 NOW. You could have FOG 3Y or R66 CHL. Whether (or should that be weather?) or not you love this weather, you’re bound to love the amazing choice of number plates available at Speedy Reg.

Photo credit: mayrpamintuan / / CC BY-ND