The Perfect Plate for Fast & Furious Fans and more!


If you’re a movie lover, you can’t fail to have heard of The Fast and the Furious franchise, from the first film, released back in 2001, to the seventh film  released last month. The films have been big box office hits, and have inspired a series of video games too. If you’re a fan of these films, we have the perfect plate for you… FA57 FUR! Isn’t that perfect!

Having private number plates that lets everyone know what your favourite film or TV show is a really fun idea and we’ve got plenty of plates to suit. Here’s a list of some apt plates to match your favourite films and shows…

2001 A Space Odyssey – 2001 MB

Bambie – BAM 81E

Batman – 444 BAT

Breaking Bad – BAD 30Y

Buddy – BUD 73Y

Buffy the Vampire Slayer  – SLA 73R

Bugsy Malone- BUG 551E

Cars – CAR 3S

Clue – CLU 8S

Conan the Barbarian – CON 4V

Don’t Look Back – C15 DLB

Dumb and Dumber – DUM 93R

Easy Rider – E4 ASY

Erosion – ERO 510N

ET – 13 ET

Fury – FUR 3Y

Her – 45 HER

How to Train Your Dragon – DRA 50N


Jaws – B5 JAW

James Bond – 5 SPY

Mad Max – MAX 4D

Men In Black – MIB 89

The Mummy – MUM 11E

Planet of the Apes – APE 11S

Rambo – RAM 303S

Ratatouille – 8 RAT

Rocky – ROC 331E

Run Fatboy Run – FAT 80Y

Saw – SAW 60H

Thor – T3 HOR

Thunderbirds – 77 FAB

Toy Story – TOY 5

Tron – TRO 70N

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – ROG 33R