Cheap 3×3 Irish number plates


The great thing about an Irish number plate is the fact that it can be transferred to any age of vehicle as it is considered dateless. You will find many cheap dateless registrations on our website starting from as little as £40 or £50. If you would prefer neater looking registration why not look at some of our three letter three digit registrations such as CRZ 353 or RDZ 545 for as little as £299 + VAT + Transfer fees. An exclusive 3×3 registration will not only look fantastic on your vehicle but will also hide the age of an older vehicle and the great thing is you can transfer it time and time again. You may be lucky enough to find one that fits your name or surname for example if your name was Ted you could purchase a TDZ 3 digit registration. Why not have a look at the extensive selection on our website by using our user friendly easy to use clever search option or simply give us a call to discuss your options.