OIG Cheap Irish Numbers now available


Speedy Reg are the market leaders in providing cheap Irish dateless registrations. These are particularly popular with taxi firms and coach companies as they act as a cover registration to hide the age of a vehicle or if you have just purchased a used car and want to hide it’s age you can use an Irish registration to do so.

Even if you have a brand new vehicle it will eventually become dated and therefore to make it look like a newer vehicle many companies buy cheap cover numbers. If you have a fleet of vehicles it is also possible to buy a series of numbers so when your vehicles are all lined up they will look great in sequence.

OIG is one of the new Irish combinations that are now available to buy at Speedy Reg.  This style of number looks a little different as it has an O and an I at the beginning, which can look like a zero and a one due to the fact that on registrations zeros and the letter O and the letter I and number one look the same. If you would like a cheap cover number why not have a look at the selection on our website.