Watch out for joggers

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In the run up to Christmas, and especially in the new year, many people take to the streets to run and jog. While we’re all increasingly aware of cyclists these days, we are less likely to spot a jogger. We often presume that anyone on foot is going to stick to the footpaths, but this is not necessarily so. Many joggers find the pavements too congested, it can be frustrating if you want to jog but you can only go at a walking pace behind other pedestrians, so many of them will choose to jog by the side of the pavement, in the road.

Keep an eye out for joggers. Many joggers wear headphone, listening to music can make a jog more fun, but it also drowns out the noise of traffic. You may think they can hear your car coming, but if they have headphones on, they may not know you are there. Be wary, they could run out in front of you.

If you yourself go jogging, look after yourself. Reflective, bright clothing will help drivers spot you, and if you wear headphones, try to keep your music at a low enough volume to allow you to still hear traffic noise and look very carefully before you cross a road.