How to transfer a Car Registration?


The countdown is on for the closure of DVA Coleraine. As there has not been an awful lot of publicity on what people in Northern Ireland should do from now on we at Speedy Reg are here to help.

When DVA closes all transfers must be sent directly to DVLA Swansea in Wales. This has not only caused a loss of many jobs in Northern Ireland but also much worry among people in Northern Ireland who are hoping to purchase and transfer registrations.

If you have recently purchased a registration, are hoping to transfer a registration or are considering purchasing a registration in Northern Ireland but are afraid of doing so because you don’t know how long this will take or how it works; Speedy Reg are on hand to help. We are experts in our field and have a wealth of experience in dealing with DVLA Swansea. Speedy Reg successfully worked through the amalgamation of DVLA in the summer of 2013 when all local licensing offices on the GB mainland closed and DVLA Swansea became one main entity. In particular one area that Northern Ireland residents may be concerned by is the unfamiliar DVLA transfer forms. The team at Speedy Reg deal with DVLA forms every day and can help you with any difficulties.

Working closely with the DVLA and securing a close working relationship with the transfer team there has paid off and Speedy Reg have seen an improvement in transfer turnaround. Where members of the public have had difficulty in getting through to the DVLA, Speedy Reg have a close link with the DVLA and have easily been able to clear up any difficulties their customers may have.

We hope this will continue to be the case when DVA amalgamates with DVLA.  If you have any concerns about your registration transfer or have been put off buying a registration because you fear it will be too difficult please get in touch with Speedy Reg, we are always happy to help.