How to find a cheap number plate


Speedy Reg recently spoke with a lovely customer called Anna who was delighted with the service and excellent value for money, which she received from us. She had been on the look out for a suitable private registration as a birthday gift for her best friend John but was unable to find one at the right price. That was until she discovered Speedy Reg.

She was lucky enough to stumble across our website just as we had begun our amazing £30 sale to celebrate our 30th birthday. After a phone call and speaking to one of our dedicated sales team she was able to secure a JIG four digit registration for just £99 +VAT +Transfer. She had discussed many options with Justin our line 2 manager and they agreed that JIG would be the best option in terms of price, turnaround and the fact that her friend John is an Irish dancer and loves a good Irish jig.

Speedy Reg talked her through the entire process, sent her through all the necessary forms to complete and even included a stamped addressed envelope to return the vehicle documents in to transfer. As this was a surprise gift for her friend she was able to purchase a set of plates and a personalised air freshener with the registration on it so that she was able to wrap these up and give them to John on his birthday.

Anna is not the only delighted customer as you will see with our five star reviews. If you too would like a private registration, zero hassle and a quick and simple service why not get in touch today.