DVA Coleraine moving to Swansea

DVA Coleraine

In an effort to centralise services, the government are combining the DVA based in Coleraine, with the DVLA based in Swansea. This will bring the DVA into line with the DVLA with extra services that were introduced in Britain in 2006.

So what differences will Northern Ireland drivers see when this change happens? They will be able to tax their cars online or over the phone. There will also be more Post Office branches offering car tax services, bringing the total number to 175. Drivers who are keeping their car off the road can now inform the DVA of this over the phone or via the Internet.

While the changes may be useful, there is quite a lot of opposition to the move. The move will mean the loss of over 300 jobs, 235 in Coleraine. Several prominent Irish politicians have spoken out against the move, citing it as a purely money saving exercise, believing that there is no real advantage to a centralised service. Northern Ireland environment minister Mark H Durkan estimates that this move will result in a loss of around £22m from the local economy.

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