All local DVLA office set to close

Number Plates

As a result of the findings of a public consultation last year, all of the 39 local offices of the DVLA are set to close. Phased closures will start in October and by the end of December 2013 all of the offices bar one will be shut down. When this is complete, everything will go through the main office at Swansea which will be the only remaining office by that point.

Because of these changes, there will be other changes implemented to make dealing with one centralised DVLA location easier. These include a wider range vehicle tax services being made available at Post Offices, enhancements to the Automated First Registration and Licensing Scheme, to allow tax discs to be distributed straight from the Swansea offices direct to the customers or dealers. There will also be a new system in place whereby it will become legal to drive a car for up to a fortnight after registration without a tax disc being displayed.

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By Theodore Scott from Houston, USA (Swansea town center  Uploaded by [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons