Bizarre crime – license to kill?

Number Plates

Last month there was an assassination attempt on the life of Radovan Krejcir from the Czech Republic. However, the manner in which this was carried out was very strange indeed. No simple shooting here; this was more like something out of a James Bond film than anything in real life.

Krejcir had just stepped out of his car to enter his offices when he hears a loud noise. He turns round to see his car full of bullet holes. Panicking at the obvious attempt on his life, he runs to get out of the way, the next thing that happens is a nearby parked car explodes, bursting into flames.

After the police checked out the crime scene it was discovered that the bullets came from twelve shotgun barrels hidden behind the rear license plate of the car, all aimed at the drivers seat of Krejcir’s Mercedes. The car that exploded was found to be empty, so it is thought that the bomb within it was detonated via remote control.

The perpetrator hasn’t been found yet, but it must be someone with some professional  specialised skills, perhaps in the film special effects  industry or involved in the manufacture of weaponry. This strange and unusual plan had been extremely well thought through and would have taken a lot of expertise.

Photo credit: Profound Whatever / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA